The Wine Show Is Back: Here’s What You Need To Know

The Wine Show is returning to the airwaves this Friday. Whether you’re a fan of the last series, or this is all new to you, here’s what to expect from the upcoming season.

What Is It?

It’s a show about wine with that seeks to separate myth from truth, presented by Matthew Goode, Matthew Rhys and James Purefoy, along with resident wine expert Joe Fattorini.

For most of us, we have no idea what we’re looking at when we look at a wine list or the bottles in our supermarket. The wine show explains everything about where a wine is from, to how it tastes and why. As well as this expect to see the latest in wine gadgets, trips to vineyards all over the world, and plenty of bottles opened.

What’s New?

Last year’s series was set in Italy, this year the crew are off to France to explore the country’s wine. A new addition will be James Purefoy, famous for his role as Joe Carroll in The Following, as well as a new wine expert, Jancis Robinson, considered by many to be the foremost wine expert in the world. Jancis Robinson has written a short no-nonsense guide to wine: Get it here for £3.85

Who Are These People?

16-wineshow.w190.h190.2x.jpgMatthew Goode, Matthew Rhys, and James Purefoy are all famous British actors, and take the role of absolute beginners to the world of wine.

Similarly, Joe Fattorini, Emilia Singer, and Jancis Robinson are the resident wine experts, giving expert opinions on the wine, and explaining what makes these wines important.

Why Should I Care?

Whether you’re an absolute beginner to wine, or a seasoned connoisseur, the Wine Show will take you across the world and you how your wine gets from grape to glass. Even if you don’t find yourself that interested now, after seeing the facets of wine culture, and you’ll be itching to find a bottle of Chianti Classico or Châteauneuf-du-Pape, to discover for yourself.

Where can I see it?

italian-vintage-old-beautiful.jpgFor British viewers, tune into Channel 5, Friday 12th January 2018, 7:00PM.

For our international readers, the Wine Show series 2 is available on Hulu.

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