MAVRCK Behind The Bar: 5 Cool Bottle Openers To Supply Your Bar

A man’s bottle opener is a very personal thing. From being a utilitarian tool to a piece of art, your choice of bottle opener makes a statement about you. If you’re still using a free promotional bottle opener, it’s time to upgrade: Here’s a few of our recommendations.

Kikkerland Copper Plated Bottle Opener

51m5rtlki9l-_sl1123_.jpgThis bottle opener by Kikkerland merges style and simplicity. This classic shape is complimented with a retro (yet very on-trend) copper coating, that will look great opening any bottle you’ve got, and is only going to look better with age and use (sounds like a great excuse to open a beer). With this there’s no bells or whistles, this is a functional tool for getting the job done, the job being opening a beer in style.

Available on Amazon for £8.99, get yours here.

Stainless Steel Automatic Bottle Opener

auto-bottle-opener.jpgOne of the more interesting choices on our list, the automatic bottle opener originally comes from Japan. Very simple, and surprisingly easy to use, this bottle opener is also the cheapest on our list at £2.74. If you’re looking for something a little bit different that won’t break the bank this might just be for you. Also be prepared for no one to be able to find it when they ask for your bottle opener, and then no idea how to use it once they do.

Available on Amazon here.

Hay “Cap”

51xyhaozjol-_sl1483_.jpgThe minimalist’s choice in a bottle opener, and it speaks for itself.  Understated to perfection and featuring triangles at every opportunity; the Cap by Hay is a unique bottle opener that brings a clean aesthetic to your home bar. This is a no frills piece, it opens bottle and just looks stylish in the mean time.

Available from Selfridges online for £9.00 here.

Crest Bottle Opener 1

main1_c0644fa7-d749-4ae7-bf1b-bdcea98e734a.jpgA piece of art, as much as a bottle opener. Cast in solid brass and featuring a unique geometric design, this bottle opener is a statement. We can’t see this thing ever going out of style (although people said the same thing about mullets), so as the most expensive entry on this list, consider it an investment piece: An investment in style*.

Available direct from Crest for $59 (£43.48), here.

*The Site has been prepared solely for informational purposes, the opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent advice should be sought where appropriate.

Westmark Hermetus Bottle Opener & Sealer


Apparently there are people who can’t finish a whole 75cl beer by themselves. We’ve never met one, but if they exist this is the perfect bottle opener for them. The Hermetus by Westmark features a bottle sealer (as well as an opener) which makes it ideal if you’ve opened a bottle and don’t plan on drinking the whole thing (?).

As well as all that, the thing just looks incredible and is definitely our favourite entry on this list. The utilitarian style and efficient German functionality make it a bottle opener that looks great in any kitchen draw.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s only £5.75. Buy it here.