5 Most Stylish Ways To Protect your MacBook

We get it, you’ve got a brand new MacBook and it’s all nice and shiny. You wouldn’t want to ruin its style by putting a cover on it, or putting it in a sleeve. Well don’t worry because we’ve got you covered; you’ll never have to compromise between protection and looks with our five stylish ways to protect your MacBook.

1.Harber London


A sleeve is a great way to protect your MacBook without having to stick a cover to the back.

This MacBook sleeve from Harber London is made from genuine 100% wool felt, and full grain vegetable tanned leather. Sporting two pockets on the front this is a great way to transport your Mac in style.

Available from £59, at Harber London. Find it here.

2. Glitty


One of the more unusual additions on this list, this MacBook cover from Glitty is handmade in the US from 100% ebony hardwood, and looks absolutely stunning.

The great thing about a cover for your MacBook is that you get the opportunity to show your style when you’re using it. Mix it up with a cool sleeve and you’ve winning combination.

MacBook sleeves are available in ebony, cherry, walnut, and purple heart, starting from £52. Search here.

3. SlickWraps


A great way to protect your MacBook: SlickWraps offer loads of different options in device protection, from MacBooks, to games consoles and smartphones.

SlickWraps offer some great protection for your MacBook including some suede-style options, or durable rubber, but our favorite has to be the carbon-fibre effect cover. Not only does it look amazing but it can be removed leaving no residue meaning that if you ever get tired of it, your MacBook will still look pristine underneath.

Available in a wide variety (10) of colours, and as well as many other textures (as well as for other devices). Check them out here.

4. Basader


Definitely the most stylish sleeve that we’ve seen available. This high quality leather sleeve will only get better with age, warrants the $165 price tag.

Understated to perfection, and made from 100% full grain English brindle leather, as well as an ultra-soft lining. This single photograph does not do this sleeve justice. The Sleeve also contains small soft pockets on the inside to keep cables (or whatever you would like to keep in small soft pockets).

Available in natural, medium brown, English tan, dark brown (shown), and Black. Check it out here.

*If you’re wondering what you get us for Christmas, this is it.

5. Roxxlyn

burning2_small-500x4142.pngA great alternative to the wood or rubber MacBook covers shown earlier in this list, these covers are made from 100% real slate stone, which gives it not only an amazing look, but also has that real stone feel.

The MacBook cover here is called the “Burning Forrest”, which just sounds cool, but on top of that, because each cover is made from real stone, no two are the same, meaning that each one is unique and no one will have the same as you.

Available from £78.68, these covers come in a variety of styles, all with really cool names. The different styles all come with different colours and designs, and we recommend that you have a look at them here.