P&T: Did You Miss The Drink Of The Summer?

It’s hard to beat a good G&T, but what about a P&T? That is, a white port and tonic. Now, white port is not as popular as it’s red cousin,  but has been gaining popularity this year on the cocktail scene with the rise of the P&T. Whilst unlikely to knock the crown from the faithful G&T, a splash of white port and tonic may be a welcome change on those warm summer evenings.

White port and tonic, has been a long-time favorite in Porto, Portugal, the birthplace of port, but has only really gained popularity this year with a good bottle of white port still very difficult to find. The combination is light, fruity, and a little reminiscent of a British take on Sangria. If you love a G&T, this is an excellent alternative.

If you missed it last summer here’s how to make one at home:

The recipie

  • 50ml White Port
  • 125ml Tonic Water
  • Handful of Ice

Garnish with a lemon wedge or orange zest. Bonus for a sprig of rosemary.


We recommend Cockburn’s Fine White Port mixed with Fever Tree Tonic Water.

…And it’s pronounced co-burns, not cock-burns, before you embarrass yourself at the bar.