The £175 Watch That’s Got The Snobs Talking

That’s right, it’s a Timex. But this isn’t the plastic watch that you had a teenager. This is the Marlin, a 60s reissue featuring a hand-wound mechanical movement, domed crystal window, and classic deco styling. It’s the quality and the unique style that resonates with watch aficionados. Hand-wound mechanical movements, and the styling found on this watch are usually reserved for vintage watches, and is very rare to find on modern watch.

This watch goes back to a time before skinny jeans, Snapchat, and iPhones: To a time of tailored suits, Jazz,  and old-fashioneds. And don’t let the brand hold you back: Timex may not have the wow-factor of some of its pricier competitors, but it’s cool to have something unique, and even better at this price.


At £175 ($199), this is one of the most interesting watches on the market, especially at this price point. It’s already sold out on the US website, so move fast before it’s gone. Get it here.